Logistics Experts


Logistics is important for the today economy. More and more goods tend to be sold on a global level. The internet is an important tool that enables customers to act on a global level and to monitor their activities related with this. If goods are bought, the buyers want to use those goods as soon as possible or within a specific time interval. Also the constraints generated by law are putting more pressure on the operational processes. These changes will have their effects on logistics.

The logistics function has to cope with all the demands at minimal costs and must function trustworthy and efficient on a day to day basis.

We know how to offer logistics support to our clients so our services would add value and we are ready to prove it at any given time.

Although we operate throughout Europe, our main routes are to and from Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

De Greef Group has over 40 years of experience in the following logistics services:

- Frigorific transport of meat and meat products, on pallets and/or hooks, in controlled temperature conditions
- Fruits and vegetables transportation, warehousing and distribution
- Transport of medicines and pharmaceuticals
- Fresh flowers and plants transportation, warehousing and distribution
- Transport of Hi-Tech, prototypes, electronics, high value goods
- Furniture and furniture parts transportation, warehousing and distribution
- Dangerous and ADR goods transport
- Express deliveries
- Possibilities for groupage transport

We offer logistic services as frigo transport, frigo distribution and frigo warehousing to/ from Romania, Bulgaria, Holland (The Netherlands) Belgium (Benelux), Germany. Lately we introduced a new point in our operations - Hungary, where we also offer our logistric services as frigo transport, frigo distribution and frigo warehousing!