Logistics Services

De Greef Group has over 30 years of experience on the following markets:

- Frozen products
- Refrigerated products
- High-tech products
- Express deliveries
- Dangerous goods (ADR)
- Furniture
- Medicines
- Groupage transports

The core values of De Greef Group are:
- Velocity combined with on time delivery
- Reliability, we do what we promised you to do
- Quality
- Loyalty, our loyal customers can always count on us

The focus of our transport is on the line between the Benelux and Romania / Bulgaria. We also drive towards destinations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany. For our transport we use modern equipment (trucks as well as frigo trailers).

Our forwarding activity is focused on two main areas:
- East Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia).
- South and Middle Europe (France, Switzerland and Italy).

The forwarding department works closely together with Ro-Holland but also with partners that together form a solid network in Europe. We take care of shipping the goods and distributing them in the countries mentioned.

We also cooperate and interact with other companies, from large super-market chains to small trade and distribution companies we can offer you the following services:

- International Road Transport, under controlled temperature conditions, from one pallet to a full truck, on a temperature range from -20 Celsius degrees to +20 Celsius degrees, from Western Europe to Eastern Europe
- Forwarding services to Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
- Inland distribution in Romania and The Netherlands
- Controlled temperature warehousing

The distribution is pallet based. Most of our distribution is linked with international transport, except for Romania where we can also collect and distribute due to our cross dock facility.

We can store the goods of our clients for a short period. This can be important for grouping the goods and for national distribution

Can organize repack activities if required.

All our trucks have satellite equipment and cellular (mobile) telephone on board. So every freight shipment is monitored. If our customers wish to be informed about the way the shipment is progressing, we can offer them direct access to the position of the truck involved.

All our trailers have temperature registration systems installed. For the transport of fresh meat specialized trailers are equipped with rails and hooks.
Our trucks have satellite communication on board and all our drivers have mobile telephones. We maintain our equipment ourselves.